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"Long & Associates has served as the management for our association, IDA, for more than 10 years.  We have found that they are an extremely professional and caring association management group.  They are very capable and handle all of our association’s service needs such as accounting, Exposition management, new programs creation, website development and maintenance, member education and new member recruitment.

Their staff provides quick and accurate information and their information programs are unequalled.  Having seen other management groups for ours and other organizations, Long & Associates exceeds all of our expectations and have always received exceptional comments from our Board of Directors and Executive Committee during their annual review.

Under their management, the IDA has grown in both membership and financial stability.  I cannot imagine running our association without them.  I would recommend them to anyone."

Robert Hammersley
International Door Association

“Long & Associates is a skilled association management firm with an extraordinary ability to manage and direct a trade association.  As a participant in the garage door industry and the International Door Association (IDA) for many years, I have had many opportunities to work with, and through Long & Associates and I have found them to be superbly competent.

As a past president of IDA, I appreciated the firm’s understanding of the issues facing the Board, but more importantly the Long & Associates employees’ willingness and ability to promptly follow through on Board directives. 

From meeting planning to successfully covering the myriad of details of managing an international Exposition (more than 5,000 attendees), to helping the Board develop strategic plans, Long & Associates, and its employees and associates, is a top notch firm and a pleasure with which to work.”

John E. Zoller
Past President (’97-’99)
International Door Association

"With respect to the competency of Long & Associates, it may be summarized that any association or member based organization benefits dramatically from the combination of direction, control and personal veracity that the firm’s staff brings to any assignment.
There are three apparent central values that attend any organization or enterprise directed by the company:

First, is the unrelenting integrity of the personnel regarding funding, expenditures and personal accountability to the officers and directors as well as to each association member.

Second, is an unyielding commitment to advancing the personal success of members – however each may personally define success.

Third, is the personal charisma and organizational skills of the staff that affords them an immense ability to direct complex functions, accomplish objectives, and avoid or resolve conflicts."

David H. Bowen
Executive Vice President
Zoller Consulting, Inc.

"My long, high level, international business life has taught me to identify quality.  Long & Associates is quality.  The company and its team of employees are outstanding."

Robin Oliver
Brackley, Northants, United Kingdom

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